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Information Literacy


  • CRAAP Test :  From Chico State.  Is the information current, relevant, authoritative, accurate, and has a purpose?
  • Dewey Decimal System : A PowerPoint presentation on how books are organized on the shelf in the library
  • Noodle Quest : An interactive tool for starting academic research.  Guides you to appropriate websites based on your needs
  • Primary vs Secondary Sources : Not only does this Princeton site tell the difference between primary and secondary sources, but it also offers a list of primary sources on the internet.
  • Searching With Success! : Teaches you better approaches for searching the web. The tutorial also provides an introduction to the difference between the ‘surface web’ and the ‘deep web’.
  • You Quote It, You Note It! Teaches you the basics of avoiding plagiarism by learning why, when, and how to cite information sources.
  • What is Copyright?   :  Watch this Disney video  about public domain called “A Fair(y) Use Tale produced by Stanford.


Plagiarism???  You decide.