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BBC Historical Figures
The British Broadcasting Corporation site contains an A-Z directory of historic figures.
The largest directory of biographies available on the Internet. It contains more than 110,000 important people from ancient history to the present time..

Biographical Dictionary
If you are looking for short summaries on famous people, this site is a great choice! 28,000 people. Most of these biographies are short, almanac style entries.
A&E Television Network site. provides over 25,000 biographies including short summaries, photos and video clips.

Distinuished Women
This site highlights women who have made great contributions to society and advanced human rights for women.

Information Please Biography Alamanac
A&Almanacs are handy. They’ll often tell you quick facts about people, particularly figures from popular culture (actors, athletes) that might not be in the encyclopedia (yet).

General Encyclopedias
If you’re looking for someone you didn’t find, or you’re looking for even more information, try the encyclopedias page. They will often contain articles about people that are… encyclopedic.